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Punxelated Zine #3


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PUNXELATED – Punk Photo Zine #3

64 A4 full color pages
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About 130 images from 42 bands.
100% DIY

Featuring images from:

Bad Cop Bad Cop, Black Fag, Black Flag, Blitzkid, Bonn Punx, Brutal Youth, The Creeps, Grim Deeds, Eat Defeat, Empowerment, The Falcon, Fettes Brot, Fluid to Gas, Fjort, Flag, Guerilla Poubelle, Happy Accidents, Hysterese, House Boat, Iron Chic, The Isotopes, Jenkem, Jose Prieto, Kids Insane, The Lawrence Arms, The Leftovers, The Lillingtons, Mikey Erg, Mobina Galore, Mofabande, Not on Tour, Pkew Pkew Pkew, Ray Rocket, Rummelsnuff, Scheisse Minnelli, Skin of Tears, Vitamin X, Wall, War on Woman, Wau y los Arrrghs,  Youth Avoiders, Youth of Today


Iron Chic
Bloody Bloody Belgium

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