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Punk /pʌŋk/ – noun

A fast abrasive style of rock music – often with deliberately offensive
lyrics and performance – expressing anger and social alienation.

Pixelated /ˈpɪk.səl.eɪ.tɪd/ – adjective

A visible pattern of pixels in a digital image.

Punxelated /pʌŋk.səl.eɪ.tɪd/

A New Speak term derived from the former two. A label for my
punk rock photography.

About Me

Hi, I’m Marc. 43 year old German punk photographer. When I first started music photography, I made a business card that read “I like to take pictures at shows.” Well, that really hasn’t changed in all these years. Once I described my taste in music as “fast, dumb, funny, melodic.” And yes, I like the Ramones.

Little German Boy
In a German town

Over the past 15 years I have been to countless shows, festivals and events. I’ve toured all over Europe and North America. If you like punk rock, then there is a decent enough change you have seen me or photos I took somewhere. In a zine, on a record, as a promo photo. I have published two issues of Punxelated as my own zine. I have put on 80+ shows myself in the city of Bonn (under the label of Stupid And Loud Shows). Maybe in recent years I have been known best for running a photo booth at the Fest in Gainesville (Fest Photo Booth).

Wanne know more?

If you want to see my other photo work, please visit my personal website: