Adventures in Punkrock and Photography



Punk /pʌŋk/ – noun

A fast abrasive style of rock music – often with deliberately offensive lyrics and performance – expressing anger and social alienation.

Pixelated /ˈpɪk.səl.eɪ.tɪd/ – adjective

A visible pattern of pixels in a digital image.

Punxelated /pʌŋk.səl.eɪ.tɪd/

A New Speak term derived from the former two. A label for my punk rock photography.

The Zine

Punxelated is a D.I.Y. punk photo fanzine written and published by me, Marc Gärtner. There are three goals behind it:

First and foremost I want to show high quality punk photography. Both in image and print quality. The world is full of images, but most are crappy and/or not well presented. I wanna give my own photos a better treatment.

Punxelated is a 100% D.I.Y. project with a punk background. Photography, writing, layout, financing, publishing, selling…. I do this all my myself and have no formal training in either field. It doesn’t get any more DIY than this. On top of this the zine is ad-free and low priced.

Finally, Punxelated is my project. It shows my photos, my writing, my ideas. It’s not claiming to be anything other than one guys work and views.

The Author

marc My name is Marc Gärtner, I’m 39 years old and live in Bonn, Germany. For almost two decades now I’ve been going to punk and hardcore concerts. In 2006 I started getting interested in photography and the two hobbies merged into one. Ever since I’ve been taking photos at shows, travelling around the world to see shows and festivals and publishing the results on my website (

Publications / Partners include: Visions Magazine, New Noise Magazine, OX-Zine, Maximum Rock’n’Roll, Razorcake, Trust-Zine, Plastic-Bomb, Stageload, Fat Wreck Cords, Insubordination Records, The Fest and many more.

Beyond punk and photography I hold a degree in philosophy. I also ran a youth-ski-team for a couple years. I pay my rent by working in a hostel. Thanks to my weird dietary habits I’m infamous for eating french fries and drinking Cola.