Adventures in Punkrock and Photography

Trust zine reviews #2

“Awesome, over 95% of the pictures are live, just very few ‘studio shots’ (in fact, just 3). Anyway, hard to believe, but almost all the photos are great. Period. I think the reason for that is that Marc is a passionate gig-goer since very many years and that music, for him, came before photography. And he is a good photographer. There are many photos in here of very many bands (to name a few: Red Tape Parade, Planks, Pascow, Crusades, Night Birds…), I personally prefer the full page size, rather than a bunch of them crammed on one page, but I also understand that you want to publish as many as possible without going to stamp size. In the editorial Marc explains why it is a zine and not a book – makes sense. In a interview (from Jerk Store) with him and another photographer you learn more about him and why and such. There is a story about his relationship with Teenage Bottlerocket and about a shoot with Masked Intruder. All pics are 4c super high quality print on glossy paper. What else can you ask for. Let’s see if in a decade or so, after publishing 10 more, he decides to make a book of his best shots… meanwhile I happily follow the zine.” (Dolf) – Trust 164


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