Adventures in Punkrock and Photography

#1 April 2012

PUNXELATED – Punk Photo Zine #1

64 A4 full color pages
no ads
About 200 images from 58 bands.

Featuring images from:

7 Seconds, The Angry Samoans, Bad Religion, Bloodattack, Blumfeld, Bubonix, The Casting Out, Ceremony, Cock Sparrer, Conmoto, The Creepshow, Dean Dirg, Descendents, Dirty Deeds, The Dopamines, EA80, Enter your crisis, The Epoxies, The Ergs!, Gallows, Glasses, Grim, Hammerhead, The Hanson Brothers, Jello Biafra, Jennifer Rostock, The Jetty Boys, Juliette Lewis, Kraftclub, Less Than Jake, The Marked Men, Municipal Waste, New Bomb Turks, Night Birds, NoFX, No Means No, No Use For a Name, Paint it Black, pg.99, Propagandhi, Punch, The Queers, Rämouns, Reagan Youth, Selig, Sham 69, Slime, Sloppy Seconds, The Slow Death, Sniffing Glue, Spermbirds, The Subways, Tomte, Toxoplasma, Turbostaat, Underparts, Zatopeks


  • Descendents – Marc goes to Groezrock and London (twice).
  • Rheinkultur Festival – r.i.p. my favorite festival.
  • Brian Baker vs. The Internet – When the web brings out the laughs.
  • Angry Samoans – Metal Mike is crazy.
  • The best and worst of being a punk rock photographer
  • Ceremony – Walk all over me.
  • NoFx – Chili Dog
  • Photo booth

Still available!


A couple of weeks ago I got a copy of a photo fanzine. Besides the xeroxed black and white photos it consisted of a total of six words: The title, the photographers name and web address. I have to admit that I admire this minimalism. But I think I should give you at least some info about the zine you are reading, about the author, what this is, and what its not.
One thing is the key: I love music! I feel a deep emotional response and connection to it. It might be the only thing I actually truly love. At least its really important to me and part of my daily life. But not just any music. I listen to punkrock the most. Not exclusively, but constantly. The only thing better than music, is music played live. Singing along to a band play my favorite songs is one of the most passionate situations I can imagine. I’d choose it above everything else.
One day, out of the blue, I decided to buy a camera. I don’t know why this seemed appealing to me. I had no prior connection or affiliation with photography. All I had owned was a point and shoot camera. And all I had gotten from it were holiday snaps. I taught myself how to use it and began taking pictures at shows. This started a pretty wild ride.
Looking back from today, I can see that for the past six years, I’ve spent enormous amounts of time and energy travelling around the world and taking photos at punk rock concerts. Last count was a couple of hundred shows, 13 European countries and 8 U.S. states visited, and probably 60.000+ photos taken. I’ve toured with bands, started booking local shows, made friends all over the world. This has turned into a way more serious hobby than I ever imagined. All fueled by my passion for music.
Sitting on this huge archive of photos, I felt that I needed to do something with it. There are so few photo oriented publications out there, that I just did my own photo zine. All images were taken in the last few years. There is not really any theme here. Shows and photos vary to a big degree: Small bands and famous acts, tiny clubs and huge festivals, punk, hardcore, thrash, garage, Belgium, USA, Germany, UK, and so on. Whats holding all this together is me. I went to these places, saw these shows, met these people and took these photos. I selected material I like and thought might be interesting. There is not much more to it really. I’m not sure if this is the best feature or greatest weakness of this zine.
Punxelated is a complete d.i.y. project. I took the photos, edited them, designed the layout, wrote the articles (in a foreign language!), raised the money and plan on handling a good part of selling and distributing the finale product myself as well. I’m not an expert in most of these things. This is my very first publication of its kind. So if anyone out there wants to give me some feedback, please do so. If people are interested I might do another one. Thanks for checking this out.