Adventures in Punkrock and Photography


Punxelated_2_Cover_smallPUNXELATED – Punk Photo Zine #2

56 A4 full color pages
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About 130 images from 45 bands.
100% DIY

Featuring images from:

AC4, ALL, Alpinist, Antitainment, Ashes of Pompeii, Blank, Cobretti, The Criminals, Crusades, Dead To Me, Endzweck, Eläkeläiset, Emily’s Army, Even in Blackouts, Gadget, Jabber, Japanische Kampfhörspiele, Kassierer, Lipstick Homicide, Madschnun, Masked Intruder, Mikey Erg, Mördare, Mülheim Asozial, Night Birds, Old Men Markley, Off With Their Heads, The Other, Painted Wolves, Pascow, Patsy O’Hara, Planks, Pity Party, Rancid, Red Tape Parade, Riverboat Gamblers, Screaming Females, Serpent Eater, Steve Adamyk Band, Teenage Bottlerocket, Tephra, Torche, TV Smith, Vladimir Harkonnen, Worriers


6 page interview with Alex from Jerk Store Fanzine, UK-Photographer Brian Kelleher and myself.
Masked Intruder – Behind the Photoshoot
Teenage Bottlerocket

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  • "The photomag is setting new standards: top notch photo/print/paper quality, so good, I wish it would be a book"

    Dolf - Trust Fanzine
  • "Die englischen Artikel ergeben zusammen mit hunderten Fotos ein wunderschöndes Bilderfanzine, das einfach in j-e-d-e-n Punk-Haushalt gehört, der noch nicht auf papierloses Heim umgestellt hat. Wer’s jetzt noch nicht gerafft hat, warum er dieses Fanzine braucht, dem ist dann auch nicht mehr zu helfen."

    Kalle Stille - Ox Fanzine
  • "This guy takes the best live band photos I've ever seen"

    Uncle Critic
  • "This guy takes the best live band photos I've ever seen"

    Uncle Critic
  • "The most brilliant thing for me about this isn’t just the outstanding print quality, or the superhigh quality of the photography itself, but the way that he’s combined his work and his passion (punk rock) into such a great package that it’s not just “a bunch of photos”.

    Alex - Jerk Store Zine
  • "Unbedingter Kaufbefehl!"

    Dennis Denegerate - Punkrock Zine